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बिहार कृषि विश्वविद्यालय, सबौर

Ongoing In-House Projects

List of the ongoing In-House Project (2011)

Sr No. Project Code Project code Principal Investigator


27 Agri. Tech. Informations (ATIs) software to make village as knowledge hub of agriculture S.S. Mandal, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of PBG, BAC, Sabour


6 Soil audit of extension institution/service in Bihar.
(e-Extension, Project)
S.R. Singh, Assoc. Prof.-cum-Sr. Scientist, Deptt. of Extn. Edu., BAC, Sabour.

List of the ongoing In-House Project (2012)

Crop Improvement
Sl. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
1 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-3 Development and identification of suitable double haploid (DH) lines for terminal heat and drought tolerance in spring wheat for eastern gangetic plains of India Awadhesh Kumar Pal, BAC, Sabour
2 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-4 Engineered resistance in rice against fungal pathogens. Bishun Deo Prasad, BAC, Sabour
3 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-5 Standardization of transformation and regeneration of Banana in perspective of producing value added  transgenic drought resistant variety. Tribhuwan Kumar,BAC, Sabour
4 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-6 Development of Transgenic Rice Resistant to Glyphosate {N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine} Herbicide. Ravi Kesari,BAC, Sabour
5 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-7 Molecular and morphological characterization of local germplasm of rice. Mankesh Kumar, BAC, Sabour
6 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-8 Development of hybrids for speciality corn. Kumari Rashmi, BAC, Sabour
7 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-9 Short duration single cross hybrid maize for Kharif season in Bihar. Birender Singh, BAC, Sabour
8 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-10 Identification of YMV resistant donor parents for development of breeding material and development of high yielding, early and synchronous maturity variety in mung bean (Vigna radiata L.) Anil Kumar, BAC, Sabour
9 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-11 Identification of donor parents resistant to fusarium wilt and generation of breeding material in lentil (Lense culinaris) Anil Kumar, BAC, Sabou
10 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-12 Development of high yielding Indian mustard for late sown condition. Chandan Kishore, BAC, Sabour
11 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-13 Development of early and medium maturity high yielding rice hybrids suitable for cultivation in the ecosystem of Bihar. Satyendra, BAC, Sabour
12 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-14 Development of high yielding brinjal genotype(s) for plains of Bihar Shirin Akhtar, BAC, Sabour
13 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-15 Screening and identification of heat and drought tolerant genotypes in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) Shashank Shekhar Solankey, BAC, Sabour
14 S.P/C.I/BAC/2012-16 Varietal Improvement in Early Cauliflower. Sangeeta Shree, BAC, Sabour
15 S.P/C.I/COH, Noorsarai/2012-17 Development of high yielding hybrid with good fruit quality in Tomato (Esculentum Mill L.) Arpita Das, COH, Noorsarai.
16 S.P/C.I, BAC/2012-18 Exploitation of Genetic Resources for Varietal Improvement of Point Gourd. R.B. Verma, BAC, Sabour.
Natural Resource Management
Sl. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
17 S.P/NRM/
Evaluation of AM Fungi on Phosphorus Dynamics and Microbial Activity in Rhizospheric Sokl Under Maize Crop. Mahendra Singh, BAC, Sabour
18 S.P/NRM/
Soil Application effects of Biochar in cereal system of Bihar. Anshuman Kohli , BAC, Sabour
19 S.P/NRM/
Diversification and intensification of rice based cropping system for high productivity and profitability. Santosh Kumar Chaudhary, COH, Noorsarai.
20 S.P/NRM/
Molecular characterization of litchi [Litchi chinesis Sonn.] genotypes using RAPID and SSR markers. Hidayatullah Mir, BAC, Sabour
21 S.P/NRM/
Development of micro propagation protocol for mass multiplication of strawberry. Hidayatullah Mir, BAC, Sabour
22 S.P/NRM/
Screening of mango seedling for abiotic stress (Water logging condition). Muneshwar Prasad , BAC, Sabour
23 S.P/NRM/
Pericarp Browning and Quality Management of Litchi Fruit through Postharvest Treatment and Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Kalyan Barman, BAC, Sabour
24 S.P/NRM/
Composting and enrichment of agro-waste through bacterial and fungal consortia. M.K. Dwivedi, BAC, Sabour
25 S.P/NRM/
Studies on the agro ecosystem restoration in rice-wheat cropping sequence through agronomic management practise in the perspective of climate change. Suborna Roy Choudhury, BAC, Sabour
26 S.P/NRM/
Modelling the impact of temporal variability of Rice-Wheat production system and its adaptation to climate change.
Swaraj Kumar Dutta, BAC, Sabour
27 S.P/NRM/
Precision Nitrogen Management for Improving Productivity and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Rice-Wheat Cropping System. Mainak Ghosh, BAC, Sabour
28 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-17 Changes in dynamics of soil carbon under conservation tillage in rice and maize based cropping system. Rakesh Kumar, BAC, Sabour
29 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-18 Preparation of Microbial Cultural Library of Bihar. N. Chattopadhyay, BAC, Sabour
30 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-19 Determination of Suitable extractant and critical level of Boron in soils of B.A.C, Sabour under Cauliflower Mr Jajati Mandal,BAC, Sabour
31 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-20 Bioremediation of arsenic from contaminated soils and water. Bishun Deo Prasad, BAC, Sabour
32 S.P/NRM/SSAC/2012-22 Extent, Distribution & Mitigation of Arsenic and Fluoride contamination in Bhagalpur districts, Bihar. Sunil Kumar,BAC, Sabour
33 S.P/NRM/BPSAC, Purnea/2012-23 (A) Survey, Collection, Conservation, Characterization and Evaluation of Makhana germ plasm
(B) 1. Development of Makhana based cropping system for sustainable livelihood improvement of Makhana growers.
2. Standarization of spacing and fertilizers requirement of Makhana improved variety Gajab.
Anil Kumar, BPSAC, Purnea
34 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-24 Development of forage based cropping system for quality fodder production in agro-climatic Zone III A of Bihar.
G.S.Panwar, BAC, Sabour
35 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-25 Effect of System of Root Intensification on yield of rapeseed. Sanjay Kumar, BAC, Sabour
36 S.P/NRM/BAC/2012-26 Productivity Performance of Rabi, Maize under Predictable Climate Change M.K. Singh, BAC, Sabour
37 S.P/NRM/COH,Noorsarai/ 2012-27 Effect of Planting date and spacing on Productivity of Rabi Onion. M.D. Ojha, COH, Noorsari
38 S.P/NRM/BPSAC/ 2012-28 Sustainable Livelihood development through integrated livestock farming system in Koshi region of Bihar.
Anil Kumar, BPSAC, Purnea.
Crop Protection
 Sl. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
39 S.P/C.P/BAC/
Survey and surveillance for key insect-pests and diseases of major crops. Arshad Anwar, BAC, Sabour
40 S.P/C.P/BAC/
Host-Parasite Interaction and Management strategy for Panama Wilt of Banana. Gireesh Chand, BAC, Sabour
41 S.P/C.P/BAC/
Occurrence and Management of Economically Important Nematode Pest of Crops. Ajay Kumar Maru, Ento., BAC, Sabour
Social Science
Sl. No  Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
42 S.P/S.S/BPSAC/2012-3 Impact of KVK Training. Ashok Kumar, BPSAC, Purnea.
43 S.P/S.S/BAC/2012-4 An Impact of successful Self Help Group of Bhagalpur District of Bihar. Adline ShantaTigga, BAC, Sabour
44 S.P/S.S/BVC/2012-7 Training need assessment and capacity building of Dairy owners for entrepreneurship development in Diara area of Bihar. Pankaj Kumar, BVC, Patna

List of the ongoing In-House Project (2013)

Crop Improvement
Sl. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
1 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Identification of Marigold lines suitable for summer cultivation. Shyama Kumari, Jr. Scientist, (Veg. & Flor.), BAC, Sabour
2 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Identification and characterization of root
physiological and biochemical trials in significance of water uptake in rice grown under drought.
Sareeta Nahakpam, Jr. Scientist, PBG, BAC, Sabour
3 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Population improvement with respect to the
isolation of desirable inbred lines in cauliflower
(Brassica olercea var botrytis)
Chandan Roy, Jr. Scientist, PBG, BAC, Sabour
4 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Pigeonpea hybrid: A variable approach to increase its production and productivity in the state of Bihar. Rafat Sultana, Jr. Scientist, PBG, BAC, Sabour.
5 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Maintenance Breeding of crops. Kumari Rashmi, Jr. Scientist, PBG, BAC, Sabour.
6 S.P/C.I/BAC/
Varietal improvement of garlic for yield & storability. Sangeeta Kumari,
Jr. Scientist, (Veg.), BAC, Sabour
7 S.P/C.I/Rabi/
Identification of high yielding wheat genotypes suitable for limited irrigation. Sudhir Kumar, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of PBG, BAC, Sabour
8 S.P/C.I/Rabi/
Collection, evaluation and conservation of cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana L.). Vijay Kumar, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Horticulture Fruit, CoH, Noorsarai.
9 S.P/C.I/Rabi/
Identification of suitable Chickpea varieties for Zone – III B in general and Buxar in particular through Farmers participatory varietal selection approach. Shanti Bhushan, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of PBG, VKS CoA, Dumraon, Buxar.
10 S.P/C.I/Rabi/
Screening and identification of chilli leaf curl virus (CLCV) resistant genotypes in chilli (Capsicum annum L.). Aniruddh Pratap Singh, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Horticulture, CoH, Noorsarai.
11 S.P/C.I/Rabi/
Screening and selection of tomato genotypes suitable for summer season for Zone III B. Nitu Kumari, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, VKS, CoA, Dumraon, Buxar.
Natural Resource Management
Sl. No. Project Code Title of the Project Principal Investigator
12 S.P/NRM/
"Studies on soil quality index (SQI), C sequestration potential and O.M. dynamics under L.T. rice based diversified cropping system"
Sub Project I: SQI as affected by continuous application of O.M. and mineral fertilizer under L.T. fertilizer expt. (28 years) of BAU, Sabour.
Sub Project II: Soil C sequestration potential of rice based diversified cropping system.
Sub Project III: Soil organic matter fractions and pools of C under L.T. organic farming system.
Rajiv Rakshit, Co. P.I.: Anupam Das, and Co. P.I.: Rajeev Padbhushan, Jr. Scientist. (SSAC), BAC, Sabour.
13 S.P/NRM/
Rootstock studies in mango. M. Feza Ahmed, Chief Scientist, Deptt. of Hort., BAC, Sabour.
14 S.P/NRM/
To impart training on soil sampling technique among farmers and preparing digital soil fertility map of Bihar. A.P. Singh, R.D.
Co. P.I: Dilip Kumar,
Jr. Scientist, ARI, Patna.
15 S.P/NRM/
SSAC/2012-17 (II)
Impact of conservation agriculture on N mineralization and microbial activity under rice and maize based cropping system. As a sub Project of SP/NRM/BAC/2012-17 S. Shambhavi, Jr. Sc., SSAC, BAC, Sabour.
16 S.P/NRM/
Development of novel fertilizer formulation using nontechnology for cereals.
Sub Project I: Development of nanoclay polymer composites (NCPCs) based multi- nutrient fertilizer formulation for Maize.
Sub Project II: Development of partially acidulated nanorock phosphate (PANRP) formulation for increasing P use efficiency in rice-wheat cropping system.
Nintu Mandal, Co. P.I.: Kasturikasen Beura, Jr. Scientist, Deptt. (SSAC), BAC, Sabour.
17 S.P/NRM/
Development of herbal garden of medicinal and aromatic plants for koshiregion. Kamini Kumari, Jr. Scientists, BPSAC, Purnea
18 S.P/NRM/
Studies on effect of I.N.M. in Tossa jute and its residual effect on mustard crop. Partha D. Roy, Jr. Scientist (SS), JRS, Katihar.
19 S.P/NRM/
Predicting regional crop yields and predictor variables affecting yields using modelling approach for stochastic crop decision planning in ACZ of III A and B Bihar. S.S. Mahdi, Jr. Scientist
(Agron), BAC, Sabour.
20 S.P/NRM/
Collection, characterization & evaluation of agro-forestry species suitable for ACZ III (A) of Bihar. S. Tyagi, Jr. Scientist
(Agron.), BAC, Sabour.
21 S.P/NRM/
Survey, collection and evaluation of small millet varieties for rainfed area of south Bihar. M.K. Singh, Jr. Scientist (Agron), BAC, Sabour.
22 S.P/NRM/
Study on native P. Solubulizers of NEAP of Bihar for development of efficacious phosphate bio fertilizers. Ajeet Kumar, Jr. Scientist (SSAC), RRS, Agwanpur.
23 S.P/NRM/
Impact of Fly Ash on Physico-chemical properties of Light Textured Soils of Koshi Region of Bihar. S.C. Paul, Jr. Scientist, SSAC, BAC, Sabour.
24 S.P/NRM/
Development of micro propagation protocol or mass multiplication of Gerbera. Shyama Kumari, Jr. Scientist, (Veg. & Flori.), BAC, Sabour.
25 S.P/NRM/Rabi/ 2013-1 Preliminary study on the physiological disorders of fruits grown in Bihar. Dr. V.B. Patel, Univ. Prof.-cum-Chief Scientist, Deptt. of Hort. (Fruit & Fruit Technology), BAC, Sabour.
Co-P.I: Dr. Feza Ahemad, Univ. Prof.-cum-Chief Scientist, Deptt. of Hort. (Fruit & Fruit Technology), BAC, Sabour
26 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-2 Canopy management practices and fertigation schedule in guava under high density plantation for Nalanda region. Dr. Divya Tiwari, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, (Hort. Fruit), COH, Noorsarai.
27 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-3 To standardize improved production technology, plant perpetuation and disease management in strawberry in sub-tropical climate of Bihar. Dr. Ruby Rani, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Fruit and Fruit Technology, BAC, Sabour
28 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-4 Light annual pruning and chemical treatment for improving fruit yield and quality of mango. Dr. Abhay Mankar, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Hort. (Fruit & Fruit Technology), BAC, Sabour
29 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-5 Precise fertilizer management through fertigation in kinnow mandarin and sweet orange. Dr. K.Karuna, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Hort. (Fruit & Fruit Technology), BAC, Sabour
30 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-6 Stabilizing yield of different cropping systems under conservation agriculture. Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Agron., BAC, Sabour
31 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-7 Mitigation of high temperature stress in late sown wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) through exogenous application of synthetic compounds. Dr. Arnab Roychowdhury, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of Agron., BAC, Sabour.
32 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-8 Survey and Phyto-sociological studies of weed flora in major crops (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Lentil & Chickpea) of south Bihar. Dr. Uday Kumar, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist (Agron.), VKSCOA, Dumraon.
33 S.P/NRM/Rabi/2013-9 Nutrient management using omission plot studies in maize crop. Dr. Y.K. Singh, Asstt. Prof.-cum-Jr. Scientist, Deptt. of SSAC, BAC, Sabour.