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Brief Introduction:   

The library was established in 1908 with the start of Agricultural Experiment Station and Agricultural School at Sabour. It continued with its basic activities of information resources development by collecting, processing, organizing, storage and retrieval of information; maintaining liaison with other related University libraries for resource sharing and exchange of information; providing need based current awareness, reference and bibliographic services and facilitating online access to wide range of information resources in print and electronic versions. Open access system is followed in the Library and the books are arranged as per Dewey Decimal Classification scheme and catalogued as per A.A.C.R.-II.

During every financial year library makes collection building of about 4,000 / 5,000 titles under different schemes of University / ICAR. Some of the holdings (Books and Journals) are of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. These are the rare and valuable documents of this University library. The Library has a total of 45,000 books including volumes of Journals. It subscribes 72 Foreign & Indian Journals and 30 newspapers including popular magazines. Library has acquired data bases like: AGRIS, AGRICOLA, CABSAC, HORT CD and CROP CD since 1973. It has 558 theses of M.Sc. and Ph.D. scholars. Library provides services like: E-Access, CD-ROM Search, Photocopying, Circulation, Reference, Book Bank, Resource Sharing and Clipping, etc. 

The library has the rare privilege of possessing, some unique books which are over 300 years old and were procured in the year 1913. 

(i)                                HORTUS MALABARICUS: 12 VOLS.

It had been published during 1686-89-1703 by Henry Southern Company, Piccadilly West. These publications are original in nature and very rare and scripted in Latin, Arabic, Brahmi (Sanskrit) and Malayalam with 794 beautifully engraved black and white plates. These books deal with different horticultural plants located at Malabar Hills in peninsular India. There is a separate commentary on all the 12 Vols. for its description written by Francis Hamilton published in 1821 in English language for the benefit of the users who are not conversant with above 4 languages.

(ii)                              MUSEUM RUSTICUM ET. COMMERCIAL: 6 VOLS.

It had been published during 1764-1766 by R. Davis, London. These books deal with marketing of agricultural products along with the art, commerce and manufacturing. These are available in the form of letters from various experts in their own field narrating experiences to the editor MUSEUM RUSTICUM ET. COMMERCIAL on the topics mentioned earlier.

(iii)                            PLANTS OF COAST OF COROMANDEL: 3 VOLS.

It had been published by George Nicol, Book Seller to His Majesty, London during the period 1795-1819. These volumes deal with coastal plants of Coromandel contains 300 beautiful colored engraved plates of different plants with their generic characters, description and observations in English. These colored engraved plates are still intact with no sign of fading of their colors and are very lively and beautiful for the benefit of botanist and allied subject’s users.

(iv)                            Mahatma Gandhi:

Above is collection of 500 photographs gathered from different sources scattered throughout the world brought out by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to enshrine the life and work of Father of the Nation and published in 1954.

Library Resource Developments

During the period of 2010-2011 to 2012-2013, the following information resources were added:





Books for University Library




Books for College Libraries




Subscription of Journals








Photocopier Machine



2 including one colour

Computer Systems




Wi-Fi Systems







CeRA, CAB Abstract, CABI e-Books, e-Theses



The library has twenty four computer systems with internet facilities in which sixteen computers have been added in this year. We have acquired IP addresses and two Wi-Fi systems have been set up to online access of the e-resources. Two photocopier machines including one colour with networking and duplex facilities have been acquired in this year.


The library has acquired online access of CAB Abstract with 800 full text journals and full access of 650 CABI e-Books. It has also online access of 1,968 full text journals through CeRA, 490 open access journals on Agricultural Science and 7,624 e-Theses from Krishi Prabha. It has also trial access of CABI Compendium of Crop Protection, Aquaculture, Animal Health & Production and Forestry. All College Libraries of the University have also been given online access of all the e-resources.

Automation and Digitization

Automation and Digitization of library documents has initiated and till date most of new arrivals have been entered in database for end users. For this, University has also been included in the NAIP Sub-project entitled: “Strengthening of Digital Library and Information Management under NARS (e-Granth)”.


The University Library is a member of Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture (CeRA) and Krishi Prabha. E-Journals of American Society of Agronomy, Annual Reviews, CSIRO, Elsevier,, Oxford Journals, Springer Link and Taylor & Francis are available through CeRA.   

Teaching Programme

Under P.G. Programme an introductory course of Library and Information Services has been introduced as Compulsory Course for Master’s Programme in all disciplines and optional for Ph.D. scholars.

Looking Forward

New building of University Library with modern facilities will be built. Modernization of University Library for setting up an e-library and digital library are in progress. E-resources and the subscription of Indian / Foreign Journals for University Library will be enhanced.

Contact details of the Staffs:








Dr. Rajesh Kumar

Associate Librarian




Sri Vijay Kumar Ram





Sri Bhudeo Pd. Yadav





Sri Bhartendra Pd. Singh

Field Overseer




Sri Manoj Kumar Ram

Lab. Assistant




Smt. Anita Jha

Lab. Attendant




Sri Om Prakash Choudhary






Brief CV of Dr. Rajesh Kumar:

Rajesh Kumar, M.Sc. (Math.), M. Lib. & Inf. Sc. (Gold Medalist), Ph.D. has been working as Associate Librarian, University Library at Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour, Bhagalpur since 6th Feb. 2012. Earlier he served as a Librarian / Information Scientist at Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES) (formerly State Observatory), Manora peak, Nainital for 17 years. He received advanced training in Computer Application, Library Software, Library Automation and Digitization. He has published 5 research papers besides several Academic Reports. He has guided Master of Philosophy in Library & Information Science and several students have completed dissertation of M. Lib. & Inf. Sc. and training of professional works under his guidance / supervision. He has participated in the several National and International professional workshops, seminars, consortium and conferences. He is also teaching post-graduate course Library and Information Services for M.Sc. & Ph.D. students of the University.





About the VC...

Dr. Ajoy Kumar Singh joined as a Vice Chancellor of Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour on 21st Jan, 2016

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